Sow It, Grow it, Show it…

Beginning in 1855, the White County Agricultural Fair has focused on the agricultural aspects of the local community. The Fair showcases the best of White County agriculture and recognizes those in our community who excel.

2015 will mark the celebration of the 161st year of Fair Fun. This makes us one of the oldest fairs in Tennessee. Our success has been because of the many volunteers that put in long hours and much hard work before and after the Fair week, not just the 9 days the Fair grounds are open.

Your time spent in viewing each exhibit and entry at the livestock shows, 4-H exhibits, Cultural Arts building and poultry house is time well spent.

We invite you to attend the 2015 Agricultural Fair. Come each night, have a great time, and enjoy it. We want you to treasure the memories that you make here. Because after the dust settles, the exhibits are checked out, and the carnival has left memories will be the only thing we have left of the 2015 fair. Remember to cherish life and sow memories with your family that you wil be able to remember for a lifetime!